This is my first blog ever. I do not like writing and do not think I am very good at it. Most of the time I just forget to make entries. However, this time around I am dedicated to chronicle everything within the course of one year. Hopefully by September 2013 I will be able to draw some conclusion from this mini social experiment I have called “Operation Gaggle.” The idea for this experiment is not original, but I wanted to try it out for myself . The idea came when my sister visited me from China. As girls, we talked, and as most girls our conversation at one point turned to men.

She told me about a friend that had spent her twenties without a boyfriend because she would always judge guys on whether or not they were “husband material” from first impressions or first dates. It was not until this women reached her thirties that she decided that for one year she would be open to all possibilities. Let’s call this women Athena. What Athena decided was she would give out her number to any man who asked for it, and if she saw someone attractive she would give her number to them, even if he did not ask for it. Athena set ground rules for herself. Number one: these encounters would be for casual dating only and not physical. Two: she would not hide what she was doing from any of the men she met. Athena might have have other rules, but these are the important ones. Soon after Athena realized that she could have gone on a date each night of the week with different men if she so desired; such was the high volume of date requests.

Also within a few weeks I saw a yahoo video about two women who wrote a book called The Gaggle. Although I did not read the book, from their interview I gathered that a gaggle ( a big group of geese) are all the males in our lives. They can be friends, friends of friends, coworkers, classmates, regular male barista, ect. Anyone who had some connection to your life, however formal or informal, was part of the gaggle. These ladies stressed the importance of ignoring the “traditional dating route” and to engage or expand the relationships of those males already in our lives. And so I decided that for one year, I would also be open to any guy who had the courage or nerve to approach me would have a date. Also I reconnected with old university friends, attempted to befriend my friends’ friends, and not limit myself to my preexisting notions of what dating or male friendships ought to be (in other words be less picky/choosey/selective/dismissive.)

I am attempting to be friendlier, more adventurous, more accepting and just more open to making new friends with all sorts of people, but particularly men. What can happen? I just want to give it twelve months of dates, nature outings, road trips, and birthday parties. In the end I will draw a conclusion(s). Will my life be enriched? I sure hope so. In the very least I will just improve my interpersonal skills.  Wish me luck!

What will my gaggle look like…..